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Wishing those dark rooms could be brighter?

Add a skylight and enjoy free natural light. We offer full skylight installation which includes framing, roof flashing, insulation, drywall and the skylight.

Adding a full skylight will give you a lot of natural light and allow you to see the stars at night. If you are just looking to add light to the room and not worried about seeing the stars then adding a tubular skylight will give you plenty of light at the fraction of the cost of a full skylight.

Nothing will top your roof off like a new skylight.
From solar tubes (AKA solar tunnels, sun tunnels, or light tubes) to classic skylights, High Ridge will brighten your day. Transform your property with natural light and a classy, modern look.

Bringing sunlight in does more than improve your look, it will save you money. Electricity costs can be brutal, and skylights will absolutely help to counteract them. Call now and we will get you set up to make some attractive and practical improvements.


We offer many options when it comes to skylights, and we have been doing skylight installations for almost as long as we have been doing roofs. Our work and our products are guaranteed to be functional and beautiful.

There are many benefits to installing skylights. Letting sunlight in will make you feel better. It will make your space feel larger and more inviting. It will even improve your carbon footprint. Use less. Be more.

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