Roman Residence Tree Damage Roof Replacement Project

Project Overview

High Ridge Roofing & Gutters recently completed a roof replacement project for a homeowner in Springfield, Oregon, following extensive damage caused by falling tree limbs during the major ice storm in January 2024. The impact from the large tree limbs necessitated a complete roof overhaul to restore the home’s safety and integrity.

Key Features:

  • Damage Assessment and Removal: Our team promptly assessed the damage and safely removed the fallen tree limbs, preparing the site for restoration work.
  • Roof Sheet Damage Repair: There were multiple sections of the roof sheet that were damage by the fallen tree limbs and debris that had to be removed and replaced with new sheets of plywood.
  • Shingle Installation: The new roof was outfitted with Malarkey Vista shingles, chosen for their exceptional durability and resistance to severe weather. The homeowner selected the elegant Storm Grey color, enhancing the home’s overall appearance.

The homeowner now has a robust, weather-resistant roof that not only restores their home’s security but also adds to its curb appeal. They are extremely satisfied with the timely and professional service provided by High Ridge Roofing & Gutters. Our team is dedicated to delivering high-quality roofing solutions, especially in the wake of unexpected and severe weather events.

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